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Getting Started

Using this project involves two major steps:

  1. Build the code locally
  2. Use the code in your project

It’s that simple!  So let’s get started.


Build the Code Locally

  1. Download the Latest Version of the source code
  2. Open the solution (AMT.IdentityModel.sln) in Visual Studio 2010
  3. Build the full solution.  The default build is Debug, so you may want to batch-build Debug and Release on this step.
  4. Well, that was easy!  If you encounter any build errors, they will likely indicate that you need to acquire Windows Identity Foundation (WIF), the Microsoft REST kit (Microsoft.IdentityModel.OAuth)

Use In Your Project

After you have successfully built the assembly (AMT.IdentityModel.OAuth), you’re ready to integrate it into your project.

  1. Add a reference to AMT.IdentityModel.OAuth to your project
  2. Optional: Add configuration settings for OAuth items
  3. Declare an instance of WRAPHandler using appropriate template (generic) parameters
  4. Set the appropriate values on WRAPHandler according to the claim token type
  5. Call WRAPHandler’s RetrieveTokenFromSTS method.  This method will verify that it has the appropriate information to call the specified Security Token Service (STS), so you should make this call in a try block and handle exceptions appropriately.
  6. After successfully acquiring a token from the STS, call WRAPHandler’s PopulateHttpAuthenticationHeader.  This method will populate your http request’s authentication header (which is required by the REST service)
  7. Send your http request to the REST service


Get Involved!

This is an open source project and we accept contributions!

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